• WHY?

    "Communication can bring people together towards common goals."

    "Good communication builds trust, respect and liking."

    "Effective communication gets things done and achieves results."


  • WHAT ?

We provide in-company and public training, key task coaching and strategy implementation support. We can also do a communication audit or impact study.

  • The Goldmann Group has improved the sales results, image and efficiency of seven out of 10 top European companies. It has clients in all fields of business and all continents (see references).
  • Several global companies have successfully applied our innovative models for the implementation of strategic changes and the development of client partnering (see references).
  • WHO ?

The Goldmann Group has for 30 years enjoyed a unique position as the recognized leading institution in senior executive communications.

  • The Heinz Goldmann Foundation is a non-profit foundation placed under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Ministry of the Interior. It organizes interactive conferences and symposiums on top management issues, e.g. the annual "Managing Change" congress in Wiesbaden or the annual "CEO-Forum". It conducts research in the area of executive communications and develops communication training methods and contents.
  • Goldmann Communications is the operating arm of the group, offering  communication counselling, coaching and training at senior executive level. Its international team of highly competent and experienced communication experts, coaches and trainers are completely dedicated to your success.
  • HOW ?
  • We use the Goldmann Method™ in all assignments. It maximizes your benefit as a participant, and ensures that the training is in line with the strategic objectives of your organisation.
  • In all our missions, we adhere to the Goldmann Principles. They mean we are not middle-of-the-road, but give you a leading edge by challenging your habits, beliefs and sacred cows.
  • We work in English, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Danish.
  • WHERE ?
  • The Goldmann Group is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Our German office is in Frankfurt-am-Main.
  • Our Swedish office is in Stockholm.
  • Our Finnish representative is in Helsinki.
  • We are also represented in the UK, US, France, and Italy.

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