Senior Level Training


“Succeed where it matters!”





The objective of this training is to enable and motivate senior managers to sell at top level, e.g. to:


Ø       Sell larger projects

Ø       Lift sales to a higher level

Ø       Initiate and develop strategic partnerships

Ø       Create a platform for the sales-force

Ø       Increase volume and profitability

Ø       Sell on new markets

Ø       Sell where others fail

Ø       Break deadlocks

Ø       Coach and role-model




Some main trends in today’s sales are:

v      More top-level buying decisions: the risks involved in supplier dependen-cies push key buying decisions higher up in the organisation.

v      Levelling off of product qualities: competing products are difficult to differentiate by objective buying criteria.

v      Reduction of available budgets: customers want more for less (e.g. hi-tech solutions at commodity prices).

v      Complex relationships: customers are often also suppliers and/or competitors.

v      Increased internationalization: key negotiations often involve multi-cultural teams on both sides.


Many senior executives should get more involved in sales. They face several challenges, e.g.:

·        They don’t really see selling as their task

·        They lack (or have forgotten) essential selling skills

·        They rely too much on improvisation

·        Their "in-house" authority doesn’t work with top customers

·        They are not skilled team-players, and undermine their subordinates

·        They are afraid of prestige loss in case of failure

·        They are often called in when things have gone wrong




The main method is “learn-by-doing”, with case-studies and role-plays. 80% of the time is spent practising and debriefing. All participants will experience both sides of the table.


The focus is on:

o       challenging your mindset

o       developing your  skills

o       providing you with practical tools

o       adding to your know-how

using Goldmann Communication’s own experience at top level.


Two experienced, international trainers and a technician, train max. 12 participants.


Depending on contents, the workshops are 3.5 to 5 days long. They are residential and held at a mutually agreed premise.