Senior Level Training


“Communication is the way from idea to reality!”




In large companies today, several factors challenge senior and top executives:

1                                        Increasing pressure to achieve results in globally competitive markets.

2                                        Change from the “command and control” to the “lead and empower” management paradigm.

3                                        Frequent changes in strategies, organisation, etc, which are not easily accepted by middle-managers and staff.

4                                        Unforgiving scrutiny by internal and external stakeholders, as well as the media, linked to the expectation to be a top performer and role-model.


This affects two types of executives:


A: Experienced senior executives and top managers:

Even experienced executives with a successful track record need to improve their communication competence, maybe even change their ways – or they will be left behind. There are several possible reasons, among others:


B: Young executives and managers, “fast-trackers”, “high-potentials”, etc:

The executives who have recently been (or are about to be) appointed to high-level positions face a partly different set of challenges:





The ultimate objective of this training is to enable you to reach your management objectives through personal communication.


You are already doing many things right and are quite successful, but you want to:

q       increase your effectiveness in key presentations to groups

q       become more skilled at convincing, overcoming resistance and getting action

q       be more efficient in meetings

q       develop your personal communication style

q       improve your way of handling sensitive communications




The main method is “learn-by-doing”, using Goldmann Communication’s own experience at top level and international best practices, and applying them to tailor-made case-studies and role-plays.


The focus is on:

o        challenging your mindset,

o        adding to your know-how,

o        providing you with practical tools, and

o        developing your skills


We train you in workshops with two experienced, professional trainers and a technician, for a maximum of 12 participants. The workshops are residential and are held at a mutually agreed premise.