1.      "Think out of the box!"

Many people see things as they are, instead of how they could be. We will challenge you to break free of constraining mindsets and find new solutions to old problems.


2.      "Increase your EQ!"

It is now proven that emotions influence important decisions as much as rational factors. We will fine-tune your emotional intelligence (EQ).


3.        "Beware of sales techniques!"

Many usual sales techniques antagonize sophisticated clients. We will teach you to “think and act senior”.


4.      "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!"

At the top, you don’t get a second chance. We give you tools and checklists that make sure you are well prepared.


5.      "High Touch, Low Tech"

Top level managers are no longer impressed by slick presentation tools. We will train you to get on the right wavelength with the right tools.


6.      "If you listen long enough, people will hear you!"

Many people think selling is about persuasion power. Instead, you will learn how to earn your clients’ respect, trust and liking, so they see you as a friend and partner.


7.      "Use competitive win-win strategies!"

Very few people really apply win-win, though it is the most powerful competitive strategy. You will learn how to overcome win-lose mindsets and build effective customer partnering.