Training for Technical Managers and Specialists


"Make them understand and approve"


BACKGROUND:               Participants are specialists who have had no significant training in presentation skills.


OBJECTIVE:                       To be able to make technical presentations to non-technicians, with a conceptual rather than detail-oriented focus. To define key messages and adapt them to different target-groups. To communicate in an interactive, interest-creating style, with effective visualization.


METHOD:                           One-two day intensive training session.  “Learn-Do-Improve-Do again”: Interactive training with concise guidelines, short roleplays, concrete feedback and more practice. Max. 12 participants for one trainer.


PROGRAMME:                  Introduction: What is communication? What are the success factors?


                                            Definition of expectations, objectives, process.


                                            Targeted communication: analyzing your audience with the EMMA™ formula (Expectations – Mentality – Motivations – Awareness).


                                            Practice: same presentation to different target groups.


                                            Structured communication: attention-getting openings – main body structure – powerful conclusions.


                                            Practice: structuring information, formulating openings and conclusions.


                                            Visualisation: what works and what doesn’t – how to use PowerPoint, spreadsheets, charts, etc.


                                            Practice: visualizing complex information.


                                            Interactive communication: how not to be boring – how to ensure understanding – how to enhance your presentation style.


                                            Practice: interactive presentations as final exercise.


PREPARATION:                  A brief questionnaire to all participants to establish their experience, needs and objectives.


IMPLEMENTATION            All participants get checklists for their future presentations.

SUPPORT:                           They have three months of free remote consultation with their trainer on specific communication issues, by e-mail or phone.


LOCATION:   Suitable conference facility of your choice, room layout and equipment to be coordinated with us.