Training for Middle Managers and Specialists


“From them-and-us to we”




Several factors challenge you when working in transnational companies today:

1                                        The increasing pressure to achieve fast results in globally competitive markets.

2                                        New demands and responsibilities after cross-border take-overs and mergers.

3                                        Working with new colleagues from other cultures; feeling unsure about their actions and reactions.

4                                        Feeling uncertain about how you are perceived by others in a new environment.

5                                        Difficulty to distinguish between local habits (“the way we do things around here”), headquarter policies, and real best practices.





The ultimate objective of this session is to enable you to reach objectives through personal communication in teams, turning cultural diversity into an asset.


You are already doing many things right and are quite successful, but you wish to:

q       increase your effectiveness in selling ideas to stakeholders from different backgrounds;

q       become more skilled at understanding different cultures within your teams;

q       better understand how your way of communicating can affect others;

q       be able to adapt your personal communication style for maximum effectiveness;

q       avoid misunderstandings caused by mentality differences.




The main method is to build on your own experiences and help you discover the essential principles and guidelines yourself, using Goldmann Communication’s expertise and international best practices.


The focus is on:

o        challenging your mindset,

o        adding to your know-how,

o        providing you with practical tools, and

o        developing your skills




        Opening: the three key dimensions of business relations.

        What is a mentality? A stereotype? A culture?

        How cultures develop in groups and individuals.

        National cultures, corporate cultures, professional cultures.

        The seven layers of culture: the Goldmann Cross-Cultural Profile™.

        Getting your own cultural profile.

        Comparing national profiles from Goldmann Communications’ database.

        What the profiles mean in practice, e.g. when Frenchmen meet with Germans, or Americans meet with Swedes.

        Some key concepts and what they mean in different cultures, e.g.: commitment; honesty; efficiency; well-being; hard-work; success; etc.

        Why others don’t listen to you, fail to understand you, and make you nervous.

        Why meetings get nowhere and participants get frustrated.

        Identifying and solving “easy”, superficial problems, e.g. different attention-spans.

        Understanding and handling “difficult”, deep problems; e.g. ethical conflicts.

        How to bridge gaps and build on similarities.

        How you can leverage cultural diversity, instead of suffering it.

        The phases of project works (from a motivation point-of-view).

        Motivations and de-motivations in international project teams.

        What it means for you, and for your project work.


The programme will be adapted on site to suit your particular needs.